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I swear, I promise, I was all set to post this list of the “Hottest Futbol Studs” courtesy E!Online at the start of the World Cup.  But then I took a rendezvous out of the country and was caught up in other moments which is a whole other blog post in itself.  Anyhoo, by now, if you have been following along with the whole world, you’ve likely seen these athletes in action and made your own list in your head.  (Maybe?  Or if you are like me, still pondering my poor planning on a trip to Brasil…as if the country wasn’t hot enough already!!!)

But as we near today’s game between USA vs Germany there is one particular person I’ll be watching, who is at the very TOP OF MY LIST (and probably many others):  Kyle Beckerman #15.  I would be lying if I said I wasn’t biased, you see, I made my way to NYC via my hometown Bowie, Maryland – the same as Beckerman’s.  I think back to the days of just hanging out and being teenagers, big dreams that were yet to be thought of or even realized, but with this guy we all knew he was special.  And it’s so inspiring to see all his hard work and dedication come to life as he represents our country in this year’s World Cup, so happy for him!  There is a wonderful article featuring Beckerman that I encourage all fans to read: “From Bowie to Brazil.”  And if it is your cup (no pun intended) of tea, a cheeky list of reasons to love Beckerman on Buzzfeed.

Almost game time…#GOUSA!…


#15, USA


Brooke Belka Williams

6th grade note to Brooke Belka Williams…awesome



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The Kyle I met off the field via Todd Dixon (right)

THE picture seen around the (internet) world



Winning the 2009 MLS Cup championship



Just the beginning…




Images courtesy Kyle’s Facebook, yeah, I said it.



“Series 1” | Nicolas Ghesquière’s First Louis Vuitton Ads


I admit, when I first heard that Nicolas Ghesquière was taking over as Creative Director for Louis Vuitton that piece of my heart dedicated to Balenciaga cried a little, or rather a lot — I couldn’t bear to see that staple of the brand go.  It was like the time Hedi Slimane announced that, as new Creative Director, “Yves” would be dropped for the rebrand of (the now) Saint Laurent.  #Controversy!!  But over time I started paying more and more attention to a brand I already adored, but with the fresh edge that Slimane brings to it.  And that is how I feel about Ghesquière.  (Balenciaga is in good hands of course with Alexander Wang.) And so I keep looking forward to the exciting changes with LV — from Ghesquière’s first runway show back in March of this year (which overlapped as Marc Jacobs’s final ad campaign for Louis Vuitton ran with a tribute to some of the designer’s muses) and now this — Nicolas Ghesquière’s First Louis Vuitton campaign images titled “Series 1.”

“Collaborating with Bruce Weber, Annie Leibovitz and Juergen Teller, the photographers were reportedly given free rein to work with models Charlotte Gainsbourg, Freja Beha Erichsen, Liya Kebede and Jean Campbell on the images and one-minute videos for Vuitton’s website and social media channels. They were shot between New York, Miami and Venice.  The ads are expected to launch in August magazines, but you can get a sneak peek at them — and at a behind-the-scenes video of Gainsbourg’s shoot, set to her own music — here.”  (via Fashionista.)



I Believe In Miracles


Do you believe in miracles?  Die-hard New York Ranger fans know that, until this year, it had been 20 years since the New York Rangers competed in the Stanley Cup Final – and the last time they did, they won.  By the end of Monday night’s game the LA Kings were up 3-0.  That would be enough to break anyone’s spirit, but not us New Yorkers.  Last night the Rangers won 2-1, giving them another chance to win the trophy.  I know what you’re thinking:  LA 3 / NY 1, tough.  But let me remind you of something.  I remember being glued to the TV, 2003, The National League Champion Series.  The Chicago Cubs were up 3-0, they just had to win one more game to advance to the World Series.  But the Florida Marlins came back from that 3 game deficit, advancing to the World Series and eventually winning the whole thing.

Being a New Yorker (11 years here, I think that qualifies me as a New Yorker), this city has put a spell on me, having me believe ANYTHING is possible, miracles happen.  This Friday I will be rooting for you, Rangers!
















All imagery taken by me.  My sister and her fiance (die-hard Ranger fan) traveled up from MD to see the game.  I had so much fun capturing these pics at Madison Square Garden as memorabilia for them 🙂

My First

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artwork courtesy Pinterest