The Simple Things

Kristin Aytona Rainbow copy


I woke up this morning and found the teeny teeny teeny tiniest rainbow bouncing off a vase that sits next to my window sill.  I must have spent ages staring at it.  And then taking pictures of it (of course).  My friend got so bored of watching me that she literally left the building (I kid I kid – she did have to run and do work stuff, although she knows how silent I get when I’m in this bubble).  Anyways, I stared some more.  And then some more.  The little things.  The simple things.  They stop me in my tracks and time stands still.  We tend to overlook these things especially living in NYC, but I’ll tell you what — the secret to staying sane amidst all the activity in this city is to stop and enjoy the little things (whatever that personally means to you).  I’m constantly reminded of this by my dog.  There are 2 types of walks I can have with him.  One where I am in a rush and I have to take him out and we have just a window of time and my mind is already on the next thing I/we have to do.  And there is the kind where I am completely present with him, observing his every move, watching the wheels turn in his head as he wags his tail with every bounce in his step.  He is such a curious little dog, he loves to stop, discover, and take his time with every inch and corner, finding “little rainbows” every where he looks.  Even when we’re just chilling at home the littlest things get him excited or keep him completely content, it’s adorable and makes my heart melt.


Kristin Aytona Ninja 1

Kristin Aytona Ninja 2a

Kristin Aytona Ninja 3

Kristin Aytona Ninja 4

I’m not really sure there is a ground breaking point to this blog post at all.  It’s a simple post, really.  Maybe that’s why I felt compelled to stop and share it.

Happy Friday, everyone.


{Dedicated to my cousin Kathleen.}





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