Month: December 2014

CHRZA | Behind The Scenes

My girlie and frequent collaborator slash creative partner!, Manuela, and I were introduced to CHRZA through our dear friend Dilia. Both CHRZA and Dilia are talents in the music industry, working hard, living their dreams, expressing their unique story & voice through music. Both have a clear message to the world, that is of inspiration and connection. CHRZA’s latest single titled, “Runnin’ Around,” can be streamed on Soundcloud here, along with other songs and covers. (I am actually streaming her cover of “Real Love” by Mary J. Blige as I type).

A small team of us got together to document a special celebration of CHRZA’s endeavors, past and present, and we’re excited to share the behind the scenes experience with you all. (more…)


TOBI TOBIN | Home Collection

On my last trip to LA I popped into Tobi Tobin’s Home Collection store on Sunset Blvd. I’ve been gifted some of her product in the past and am familiar with her feature in  But nothing, I mean nothing compares to immersing yourself in her beautifully crafted retail shop. It is a smorgasbord for the senses; (more…)