“Breakfast Of Champions”

Last Friday I posted this pic on Instagram:

Kristin Aytona Breakfast Of Champions Instagram copy


It’s a shard of colored plexi that I literally picked up in the middle of a dirty NYC street. Like I said, yeah weird even for me. But I just loved the color and light it was reflecting, so I brought it home. I totally forgot about it and was going to throw it away, but before I did I wanted to make something with it. (more…)


#MakeItGraphic | Series 1 – iPhoneography

“Make it graphic.”  Three little words directed to my dear friend and colleague Skyler.  When she told me about those three little words and the context they were used in it almost made me cringe.  A few inside jokes later, across the span of several months, I happened to be sitting in a restaurant starring at a wall that totally intrigued me so naturally I grabbed my iPhone to take a pic and it got me thinking…

Just as a little background info:  Skyler and I have worked side by side (literally, due to Manhattan real estate) for several years now.  Luckily for me, Skyler is cool as s%&# and is always up for hearing my stories, listening to me sing (horribly) out loud to get the workflow going, has been a huge support in my career endeavors, and someone I respect in the Creative Industry (and vice versa).  As an Art Director working in the Apparel/Fashion realm, cooking up seasonal advertising campaigns for global markets, you can see my work via online, billboards, publications, tv screens etc. etc. worldwide, which I admit is a dream come true for me (and probably for Skyler as well).  But like most “corporate creatives” we are respectfully at the whim of components that are beyond our control and so we crave exploring our creativity outside our usual 9-5.  Skyler is an oil painter, welder, and fantastically disturbing sketcher a la Tim Burton style.  I LOVE to take photographs, design and hand sew leather accessories, and come up with kooky ideas such as #MakeItGraphic.  We both have once upon a time put Graphic Designer on our resumes, and although we have moved more into the concepting and direction side, GD will always be a handy tool that we can whip out any time.  But people we know and love tend to, how do I put this nicely, over extend that resource of ours.

…I have decided to take those three little words that could easily haunt our creative existence and turn them into creative inspiration!  What one would deem as an inconvenience I see as an opportunity.  I figure, sure…maybe I WILL just “make it graphic” and Skyler is totally down for the ride —  I hope you are too!  Together we are creating the #MakeItGraphic series based on themes that tickle our fancy.  We agreed to not overthink it and to just have fun with it.  So without further adieu, please enjoy Series 1 – iPhoneography (all imagery shot and processed on the iPhone).






© Kristin Aytona






© Skyler Curden


Stay tuned for #MakeItGraphic | Series 2 – Vector Vibes…Coming soon…



My First

aec67d5e-e737-11e3-9a22-12313b090d61-large copy

artwork courtesy Pinterest