CHRZA | Behind The Scenes

My girlie and frequent collaborator slash creative partner!, Manuela, and I were introduced to CHRZA through our dear friend Dilia. Both CHRZA and Dilia are talents in the music industry, working hard, living their dreams, expressing their unique story & voice through music. Both have a clear message to the world, that is of inspiration and connection. CHRZA’s latest single titled, “Runnin’ Around,” can be streamed on Soundcloud here, along with other songs and covers. (I am actually streaming her cover of “Real Love” by Mary J. Blige as I type).

A small team of us got together to document a special celebration of CHRZA’s endeavors, past and present, and we’re excited to share the behind the scenes experience with you all. (more…)


DILIA Presents “Moonshine” | EP Release Show

This is an extremely special post for many reasons:  Not only was I asked to take part in a fun photoshoot project with my dear friends Dilia Stein, Manuela Rana, and the team at Feminine Weapon, it also happens to be a wonderful celebration of DILIA’S upcoming birthday and release of her Debut EP, “MOONSHINE.”  Before I really get into it, I have to say; (more…)

Behind The Scenes With Jordan Matter | Finding Serendipity

For National Dance Day this year I highlighted my love of the artform and one of my favorite photographers, Jordan Matter, creator of “Dancers Among Us.”

I’m so happy to share his first video workshop, “FINDING SERENDIPITY – Look for the Light,” which is a great behind-the-scenes sneak peak of how he captures his shots.  (more…)

Summertime | A Look Back

Kristin Aytona Summer Recap Beachin

I always hesitate to see summer bid adieu. But as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end?  At least we have the next one to look forward to!!!

I indefinitely took more photos this summer than I have in an entire year span – no joke – which says a lot because my friends and colleagues know that I’m always taking photos no matter the season. It’s either they want me to “put the camera down” lol, or “take a picture.” But being able to look back at all these moments makes me very happy.  Photography is literally physical therapy for me and it makes me open my eyes and heart that much more, it makes me better.  Not in the sense that I get better and better at taking pics, as in it is a vehicle for allowing me to experience (I know others would assume the opposite), but it’s how I see and feel the moment; it’s visceral, playful, creative, expressive, internal, external, eternal, it’s one of my favorite hobbies no matter how crap or non-crap I am at it?  Anyways, there is no way to share every single moment, nor would I subject you to THAT many pics, so I picked 20 at random  to share. I find it fitting, as that is the perfect word to round up my summer, R A N D O M – and I loved it.  So here’s my arbitrary look back, and enthusiastic cheers to what’s ahead…

THANK YOU to those who let me be weird and do my own thing. And THANK YOU to those who find it interesting enough to look at.

Kristin Aytona Summer Recap Cotton Candy Dream

Cotton Candy Dream.

Kristin Aytona Summer Recap Curly Hair Don't Care

Curly Hair Don’t Care.

Kristin Aytona Summer Boogie

Say up jump the boogie to the rhythm of the boogie, the beat.

Kristin Aytona Summer Recap Bling Ring

A summer night glass of wine is a girl’s best friend (and accessory lol).

Kristin Aytona Summer Recap Shrimp Roll

Charleston, Charleston Made in South Carolina.

Kristin Aytona Summer Recap Mirror Shopping

Creeping at the Paul Smith store.  Sunnies on my mind.

Kristin Aytona Summer Recap Cadillac

No caption necessary.

Kristin Aytona Summer Recap Beach Dog


Kristin Aytona Summer Recap Street Fair

Gotta love the NYC Street Fairs…and #TRUTH.  This is a perfect segue into the following…

Kristin Aytona Summer Recap Flagging

Trust me, it got weirder.

Kristin Aytona Summer Recap Water Balloons

That day I discovered my dog LOVES water balloons.

Kristin Aytona Summer Recap No Filter


Kristin Aytona Summer Recap Beachside Bball

Again, #Nofilter.

Kristin Aytona Summer Recap Charleston She Bangs


Kristin Aytona Summer Recap Calienteness


Kristin Aytona Summer Recap Maid Of Honor

Late night Maid of Honor duties.

Kristin Aytona Summer Recap Palm Trees


Kristin Aytona Summer Recap Skype Write

Empire Summer State of Mind (with Manuela Rana).

Kristin Aytona Summer Recap Shoefie Painting

Dearest Christian.

All imagery © Kristin Aytona

Mr. Robin Williams

Laughter is the best medicine, and Robin Williams was one of the greats.  I may not be as familiar with his infamous role in Mork & Mindy but this true Hollywood vet was a staple of mine growing up, as I am sure many of yours as well.  I want to pay tribute to the man who made us feel something really special through his work and his incomparable essence.

Here’s a count down to some of my most memorable movies with Robin Williams.  It’s impossible to list them all, but I have watched each of these numerous times and could honestly watch again and again and still find entertaining.

5.  Aladdin – Who could forget him as the hilarious genie and sidekick.  This is one of my absolute favorite Disney movies, I remember seeing it in the theaters. According to Huffington Post 70% of the genie’s dialogue was improv and Williams counted 40 different voices used to create this classic character.



4. Mrs. Doubtfire – Oh yeah.  This is on my list.  You have to love his commitment.  He never strayed from the task at hand, make them laugh.  And he did it brilliantly.



3.  Happy Feet – Another voiceover in an animated flick.  This movie literally makes you happy.

Happy Feet Two


2. Good Will Hunting – Not just an actor who relied on being the funny man, one trick pony; this is one of his more touching roles (one in which he won an Oscar for) and actually one of my favorite movies…but only second to this……(#1)



1. Dead Poet’s Society –  This 1989 film is one of my all time favorites.  As Professor John Keating, Robin Williams was able to create a character who inspired with laughter.  Now we all have a great need for acceptance, but you must trust that your beliefs are unique, your own, even though others may think them odd or unpopular, even though the herd may go, [imitating a goat] “that’s baaaaad.” Robert Frost said, “Two roads diverged in the wood and I, I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”

dead 3


RIP Robin Williams.  “Thank you, boy(s).  Thank you.”

Birthday Tongue


Image courtesy © Manuela Rana

“You’ve been licked!”  Sounds awesome, right?!  Well get ready, everybody…. Birthday Tongue, co-founded by Christina Weber and Syndee Winters (a match made in fun, fearless female entrepreneurship heaven) has licked its way into the hearts of fans.  In short it’s a singing telegram service in and around New York City, but with a fresh new take on it. 

Christina thinks big bright bold for everyone — community is top of mind for this Feminine Weapon.  And Syndee is an infectious performer du jour.  When she graces the stage, if you are not moved something is wrong!  Together, incredible!


Images courtesy Instagram.com @beyonce and @kaytona


Image courtesy Facebook.com/christinalweber

I checked in with my bff, Christina, to find out more about the back story:

“Birthday Tongue was created during a friend’s engagement party weekend. My friend’s brother and a female family friend were both celebrating their birthday’s as well. The two, brother and female friend, showed signs of a love connection and after she left we joked with him; asking if he got any birthday tongue.

Me, being the domain hoarder that I am (which she brilliantly is!), purchased the URL and pointed it to the brother’s facebook page as a joke.

When I got back to NYC I told Syndee (who’s also her roommate) that I bought yet another website – birthdaytongue.com. Her response, ‘that’s the perfect name for a singing telegram service!’ And in that moment Birthday Tongue was born.”

Check out some of the fun, ‘wish I was there’ moments powered by Birthday Tongue on their youtube and instagram accounts.

Sending flowers or an edible arrangement seems like a bore now that Birthday Tongue is an option.  Who do you want to lick?  Go ahead, send one, you know you want to.

Screen shot 2014-08-01 at 1.38.40 PM

Image courtesy Instagram.com/birthdaytongue

For more info on how to book this service hit them at birthdaytongue.com. Fun!


National Dance Day

Yesterday was National Dance Day.  Although it technically “passed” I still want to honor the art of dance and all the dancers (past and present) who have influenced the world bringing joy, excitement, stories, and just pure entertainment.  I think it is one of the most physically, emotionally, and mentally demanding professions, and also one of the straight up coolest.  I love watching dancers express themselves through their individual movement, it’s like witnessing their soul create with the most fascinating of canvases.

One of my favorite dance photographers is Jordan Matter.  His imagination captures dancers in fun, dramatic, and sometimes just simply poetic moments in every day life in a series he calls, “Dancers Among Us.”  I kid you not, the images I’ve pulled have “NOT been digitally altered.  The performers are just that good!”  Some of which are dear friends on mine, so I can vouch for that statement, they are just that damn good (pardon my French).  🙂



Michael McBride



Marcella Guarino (One of my all-time favorites!)



Parisa Khobdeh



Allison Holker and Twitch



Claire Conaty



Emily Bowen, Katelyn May, Elise Elliott Houston



Kristin DeCesare (Isn’t she a beauty???!!  One of my favorite dancers, period.)



Marissa Quimby



Parsons Dancers



Tyrell Witherspoon



(Kristin DeCesare) and Jessica Press (You can catch Jess in her new movie “My Man Is A Loser” starring John Stamos.  Yeah, she rocks.)



Miles Yeung



Katherine Scarnechi



Barthel and Kaitlyn Ebert



Louise Layman



Arianna Bickle



The man himself, Jordan.


Images courtesy dancersamongus.com


So what are you waiting for?  Smile and dance like no ones watching.  I did this morning, and even had my dog join in on the action.  True story.