#MakeItGraphic | Series 6 – Atmosphere


Since Skyler picked this week’s theme, let’s start with her, shall we?  Here’s what she had to say:
“Atmosphere, its just a ten letter word,” as well as a group where the signers voice makes me want to do very bad things. I was listening to Slug while trying to think of a subject for the next blog post, and so it hit me… ATMOSPHERE. I made myself listen to them and only them while plotting this week’s creation and after a few hours, which seemed like minutes flew by I, had a triptych of my favorite Slug quote. Instead of just painting his words on the front of a blank canvas I wanted something that would change with its environment / surrounding / atmosphere. So at first glance they just look like blank rectangles – and I do not mind hanging them on my wall that way. But once backlight starts changing, or the lighting is just right a message appears.”
MIG 52

MIG 53

MIG 54

MIG 55

All imagery © Skyler Curden. Click images for a closer view.

I went through one of my shut the door and move around in complete silence (with the exception of the objects I was touching) art binge one morning over the weekend:

Kristin Aytona Back To Black Nail Pollock“Back To Black – Nail Pollock” © Kristin Aytona

Which was perfect considering definition #2.  So I wanted to somehow connect it with definition #1.  First thing I did was google the different atmospheres in our solar system.  And from there this is what I came up with.  (I will say that this may be the first time Skyler and I were in the same headspace, at least art-wise, because I saw her post a pic of her black paint and white canvases, and I sent her a pic on me doing the same thing, just across the river.)

Mercury has a very tenuous and highly variable atmosphere. Solar light pushes the atmospheric gases away from the Sun, creating a comet-like tail behind the planet.

Kristin Aytona #MakeItGraphic 6 Atmosphere Mercury

The atmosphere of Venus is much denser and hotter than that of Earth and is in a state of vigorous circulation and super-rotation.

Kristin Aytona #MakeItGraphic 6 Atmosphere Venus

The atmosphere of Neptune is similar to all the large planets in the Solar System; it mostly consists of hydrogen and helium, with trace amounts of methane, water, ammonia and other ices. But unlike the other gas planets in the Solar System, Neptune’s atmosphere has a larger proportion of the ices.

Kristin Aytona #MakeItGraphic 6 Atmosphere Neptune

All imagery © Kristin Aytona. Copy courtesy our BFF Wiki.

Next up: #MakeItGraphic | Series 7 – [[[trapped]]]  Again, picked by Skyler.



#MakeItGraphic | Outtakes

Kristin Aytona EYE SEE YOU_small

As promised, here are outtakes from my MakeItGraphic | Series 5 – Eye See You photos….in the form of video.  As always, enjoy and THANK YOU for your support and lovin’

© Kristin Aytona


© Kristin Aytona


If you find these entertaining, check out Manuela’s own video titled, “Crazy Girl.” She is quite the character, isn’t she?  Can’t resist her adorable quirk.

I’m off to lay on the beach now, whoo hoo.  Hope you having a fantastic Labor Day Weekend!!!  (I have been seeing red white and blue EVERYWHERE… stay tuned for post of those photos???)


#MakeItGraphic | Series 5 – Eye See You

H(eye) there!  #MakeItGraphic | Series 5 – Eye See You, YEAH!!!  (Sorry…too much coffee?)

Kristin Aytona EYE SEE YOU header_small

When Emily (I spilled the beans, Em) and I first started #MakeItGraphic I had no idea what we’d be churning out.  Workday after workday, year after year, we’ve worked on the same brand.  And although we have different personalities and artistic styles that’s the thing about corporate art – it has to be a consistent voice.  We’ve pushed the brand and evolved it, sure, but it’s still within the same breadth. So I LOVE the gamut we explore with #MakeItGraphic.  I like the polar interpretations, I like that it’s totally OK to go left or right, up or down, it’s whatever we want it to be.  (Having said that, corporate art is not for the weak-hearted; you need a backbone, wishbone, and funny bone to survive.  There are a lot of levels and components to it, so if you happen to be successful at it, KUDOS to you.  Not many people know how much is involved behind the scenes of that :15 video, 1 page ad, or even a product display seen a million times a year.  But we get you….)

I went very literal with this week’s theme.  Trust me, you DO NOT want to see what I first started out with.  It was in the same vein of “contemporary art” that is a mess just to be a mess.  And I can’t support that, you know my feelings on that.  So I put down the exacto-knife and took a break.  My girl Manuela came over for another project I had in mind and somehow ended up blending the two.  I showed her these colorful boards that I’ve been hoarding, after 2 seconds of deliberation, she started putting on make-up and I started grabbing props.  Again, this is why I love collaborating with her!  Within an hour we had these shots organized, done, and edited down, and then she was off to Barry’s Bootcamp.  Of course, because she is such a character I WILL be sharing outtakes soon.

Kristin Aytona EYE SEE YOU_small

© Kristin Aytona

Emily (yes, her real name is Emily aka Skyler) went this route, and it had me cracking up.  She brilliantly merged “Eye See You” with “Eye See You(r) Imaginary Friend.”  If you don’t live in NYC, now you know, this is totally weird BUT totally normal.  If you have not sat next to a dinosaur on the subway without flinching you haven’t lived in NYC.  Click on the images for a closer view….

MIG 5.0

MIG 5.02

MIG 5.03

© Skyler Curden

There you have it.  Stay tuned for #MakeItGraphic | Series 6 – Atmosphere (picked by Skyler :))

>>>UPDATE:  Today is National Dog Day!!!  Check out #MakeItGraphic | Series 5 – The Ghost Ninja to see our puppies :))

#MakeItGraphic | Series 4 – The Ghost Ninja

Hello, hello.  Happy to be back with another #MakeItGraphic Series:  the G H O S T  N I N J A.  Lol.

So both Skyler and I are the proud mommas of our pups;  “Ghost,” Skyler’s super intelligent and strikingly beautiful Australian Shepherd, and “Ninja,” my pint-sized Morkie mix with big brown eyes and an even bigger personality.  There’s a funny connotation when you mix their 2 names together so we went with that theme.  I love the color palette & textures of Skyler’s images. Creepy in the most beautiful way, just like I like it!


Skyler’s GHOST:

“we couldn’t get into the cemetery / it was up a pretty steep hill and we are pretty sure it was in someones yard – who probably owns a gun.

so holy ghost is walking on water, like freak show.”







© Skyler Curden



I woke up one morning with Ninja poised up on my chest, staring with intense laser focused silence.  Adorable but creepy when you’re just opening your eyes for the day.  So I went with that — the adorable creep Ninja who appears in and out like a ghost. Please note, my dog is my favorite thing on earth. He can creep all he wants 🙂

I could’ve stayed up all night making gifs of my dog, but alas…the work day beckons.  Enjoy.

Kristin Aytona Ninja-1_small

In and out like a Ghost Ninja.


Kristin Aytona Ninja-2

Ninja likes to play and be all up in your face, literally.  So when the apartment goes silent, it makes me wonder what he’s up to.  I’ll turn around and see this little face staring at me.  Laser focus.


Kristin Aytona Ninja-3

What I wake up to in the morning, hovering.


© Kristin Aytona


Stay tuned for #MakeItGraphic | Series 5 – Eye See You…Coming soon…

#MakeItGraphic | Series 3 – What The Font

Hey you.  Thanks again for checking out #MakeItGraphic | Series 2 – Vector Vibes.  I added another surfboard design which can be viewed here.

OK, so let it be known I had waaay too much fun with this next theme, “What The Font.”  If I didn’t exercise deadlines I would’ve kept going and going. In short, I have 3 “series” within this theme; a mixture of illustrations, photography, and good old pen and paper.

Snug Guns – Read closely © Kristin Aytona

Flip It And Reverse It


Squint – Your modern day acronym © Kristin Aytona

Kristin Aytona Retweet_small



Kristin Aytona Just Kidding_small

“Just Kidding”


Kristin Aytona Thank You_small

“Thank You”


Read My Lips – © Kristin Aytona

Kristin Aytona Read My Lips 1_small


Kristin Aytona Read My Lips 3_small


Kristin Aytona Read My Lips 2_small

Fun fact:  Those are my lips (and my classiest selfie ever, NOT).  Big thanks to my mirror for the assist.  You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to convince friends to let me take a picture of their mouth wide open, I mean geez lol.  Anyways, I have to credit the word “strectic,” which I heard being used to describe someone’s work week.  The rest is written by yours truly, statements that have jokingly slipped out of my mouth.  If you can’t entertain yourself, who can?  (Sorry for the borderline crudeness lol.)

Also, I’m really into black and white if you couldn’t tell.


(Skyler is currently vacationing with her mama.  They are the cutest mother/daughter duo.  I love hearing stories, her mother is super brilliant in a way that only mothers can be!  Skyler’s “What The Font” artwork will feature along with next week’s theme.)


Stay tuned for #MakeItGraphic | Series 4 – The Ghost Ninja (Hint: Do you like dogs?)…Coming soon…






#MakeItGraphic | Series 2 – Vector Vibes

I am VERY excited about this next #MakeItGraphic theme, “Vector Vibes.”  Before we get into it, I want to thank all those who checked out #MakeItGraphic | Series 1 – iPhoneography.

All (digital) illustrators know a lot can be achieved with the mighty little pen tool.  I admit when I first learned how to use it way back when I was not the most elegant.  But now I really enjoy the creative problem solving that comes with the technique — the more you use it the more fun results it yields.  When I first typed the word ‘Vibes’ I automatically thought of surfing.  I then knew I wanted to design prints on a surfboard but the main question was what.  The first thing that popped into mind was a gun, but because I don’t promote negative implications linked to them I went the cheeky route.  Yes, I know I can be slightly weird, sometimes mistaken for quirky?,  but I’m definitely nuts, and I am totally OK with that.  Life’s more fun with a sense of humor spliced with ridiculousness.  Having said that, I hope you like this series!




All artwork copyright © Kristin Aytona

Bubble Gun

“Bubble Gun”

All artwork copyright © Kristin Aytona

"With My Surfboard"

“With My Surfboard” (Yes, a la Bey’s “Drunk In Love.”)

All artwork copyright © Kristin Aytona

Sweet Pillage

“Sweet Pillage” (A spoonful of sugar does help the medicine go down.)

All artwork copyright © Kristin Aytona

"Ice Ice Baby"

“Ice Ice Baby”

All artwork copyright © Kristin Aytona


(Skyler’s take)

I get asked this question a lot. The way I explain it is, make this $hit as $&@ %#*^ big as you want because it’s like the fricking energizer bunny.

It’s graphic: look away fool,
in MakeItGraphic 2.0



All artwork copyright © Skyler Curden


All artwork copyright © Skyler Curden


All artwork copyright © Skyler Curden


All artwork copyright © Skyler Curden


All artwork copyright © Skyler Curden

Check out UPLO’s blog post on the series with an additional surfboard design.  Much more to come.

Stay tuned for #MakeItGraphic | Series 3 – What The Font…Coming soon…

#MakeItGraphic | Series 1 – iPhoneography

“Make it graphic.”  Three little words directed to my dear friend and colleague Skyler.  When she told me about those three little words and the context they were used in it almost made me cringe.  A few inside jokes later, across the span of several months, I happened to be sitting in a restaurant starring at a wall that totally intrigued me so naturally I grabbed my iPhone to take a pic and it got me thinking…

Just as a little background info:  Skyler and I have worked side by side (literally, due to Manhattan real estate) for several years now.  Luckily for me, Skyler is cool as s%&# and is always up for hearing my stories, listening to me sing (horribly) out loud to get the workflow going, has been a huge support in my career endeavors, and someone I respect in the Creative Industry (and vice versa).  As an Art Director working in the Apparel/Fashion realm, cooking up seasonal advertising campaigns for global markets, you can see my work via online, billboards, publications, tv screens etc. etc. worldwide, which I admit is a dream come true for me (and probably for Skyler as well).  But like most “corporate creatives” we are respectfully at the whim of components that are beyond our control and so we crave exploring our creativity outside our usual 9-5.  Skyler is an oil painter, welder, and fantastically disturbing sketcher a la Tim Burton style.  I LOVE to take photographs, design and hand sew leather accessories, and come up with kooky ideas such as #MakeItGraphic.  We both have once upon a time put Graphic Designer on our resumes, and although we have moved more into the concepting and direction side, GD will always be a handy tool that we can whip out any time.  But people we know and love tend to, how do I put this nicely, over extend that resource of ours.

…I have decided to take those three little words that could easily haunt our creative existence and turn them into creative inspiration!  What one would deem as an inconvenience I see as an opportunity.  I figure, sure…maybe I WILL just “make it graphic” and Skyler is totally down for the ride —  I hope you are too!  Together we are creating the #MakeItGraphic series based on themes that tickle our fancy.  We agreed to not overthink it and to just have fun with it.  So without further adieu, please enjoy Series 1 – iPhoneography (all imagery shot and processed on the iPhone).






© Kristin Aytona






© Skyler Curden


Stay tuned for #MakeItGraphic | Series 2 – Vector Vibes…Coming soon…