Hi everyone! I’m back with a new update for WHOWAGWEAR™. By popular demand a lot of YOU have asked about our Custom Service and how to get it. It has always been our initial vision to be able to offer this service to everyone and NOW is the time we gearing up to be able to!!!  (more…)


For Dog’s Best Friend | WHOWAGWEAR™

It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to post anything on this blog, and I’ve missed you all terribly!

The truth is, I’ve been working really hard on creating something extremely personal and very special to me, my business partner, and maybe to many of you…I have launched a new apparel company called WHOWAGWEAR™ whose mission is to make spirits smile, spread love + awareness, and transform lives in a positive way. In short, we provide stylish, customized apparel for the dog-loving community. We stand for #apparelwithpurpose and #consciouscommerce, supporting charitable + socially responsible initiatives. Please have a look at our shopable online lookbook to see what we’re all about…. (more…)


(Found these images that I took last Spring and decided it was time to share!…..)

spring, spriNG

move or jump suddenly or rapidly upward or forward.



a public declaration of policy and aims, especially one issued before an election by a political party or candidate.


#springmanifesto, spriNG manəˈfestō

a personal declaration of desires (in the form of color and vibrancy), especially one issued before mother nature, to move or jump suddenly or rapidly forward. (more…)

At Home With Jenna Snyder-Phillips

This time of year in NYC always comes with a brisk bite in the air, which can be a hard pill to swallow especially since I am fresh off the plane from Los Angeles where it is pushing high 80’s mid-November (what??).  Don’t get me wrong, I do love the holiday season in New York — with that comes cozy cable knit sweaters, hot chocolate, and snuggling up to friends and family; there is a twinkle of magic in the air like no other.  But wouldn’t it be nice to come home to a relaxing tropical oasis admist the hustle and bustle of winter weather in the city?


Kelly Wearstler x Shantell Martin

OK, is this a match made in heaven or what?! New York Artist Shantell Martin and Interiors & Lifestyle Icon Kelly Wearstler have teamed up to launch a collection of one-of-a-kind pieces available Oct 15th exclusively on (more…)

FASHION+ART | Dover Street Market NY

If you love FASHION+ART, Dover Street Market is just the ticket to quench your thirsty must-see, must-have eyes. Located at (more…)

Whitney Museum with Jeff Koons

Sex and the City, Season 2 Episode 10 – “The Caste System”

Wiley Ford: How much for this piece?
Charlotte: The fire extinguisher? That’s a real fire extinguisher. For the gallery, in case there’s a fire.
Wiley Ford: I guess I’m a total idiot.
Charlotte: No, it happens all the time.
Charlotte: You can have it.
Charlotte: Take it.
Charlotte: You can say you got it at the gallery.
Charlotte: People will probably think it’s a Jeff Koons.
Wiley Ford: You are adorable.