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At Home With Jenna Snyder-Phillips

This time of year in NYC always comes with a brisk bite in the air, which can be a hard pill to swallow especially since I am fresh off the plane from Los Angeles where it is pushing high 80’s mid-November (what??).  Don’t get me wrong, I do love the holiday season in New York — with that comes cozy cable knit sweaters, hot chocolate, and snuggling up to friends and family; there is a twinkle of magic in the air like no other.  But wouldn’t it be nice to come home to a relaxing tropical oasis admist the hustle and bustle of winter weather in the city?



Kelly Wearstler x Shantell Martin

OK, is this a match made in heaven or what?! New York Artist Shantell Martin and Interiors & Lifestyle Icon Kelly Wearstler have teamed up to launch a collection of one-of-a-kind pieces available Oct 15th exclusively on (more…)

Inside This Fashion Vet’s Home

Don’t you love stepping into someone’s home that completely embodies their spirit and personality? And although it may not reflect the nook you’ve created for yourself, you enjoy every second immersing in their environment. That is how I feel every time I walk into this apartment.  (more…)

New York Design Center

This past weekend my dear friend Zeke and I decided to totally binge on beautiful eyecandy.  We made our way to the Jeff Koons exhibit (post coming soon – genius, btw) and also 1stDibs at the New York Design Center.  Here’s a mash-up of some of our favorite moments at the NYDC, including running into the insanely talented and completely down-to-earth Celerie Kemble (with her cutie-pie family). (more…)

“LIFE in Black and White” | Part 1

Simply, a photo collection of moments in NYC (photographed by me).  LIFE in Black and White – Part 1.  Enjoy!

Kristn Aytona empire-summer-state-of-mind 1_small

“Empire Summer State of Mind 1”


Kristn Aytona empire-summer-state-of-mind-3_small

“Empire Summer State of Mind 3”


Kristn Aytona empire-summer-state-of-mind-4_small

“Empire Summer State of Mind 4”


Kristn Aytona empire-summer-state-of-mind 2_small

“Empire Summer State of Mind 2”


Kristn Aytona pod-life-2_small

“Pod Life 2”


Kristn Aytona pod-life-1_small

“Pod Life 1”


Kristn Aytona i-cold-beer_small

“Ice Cold”


Kristn Aytona moetchandon_bw_small

“Moet & Chandon”


Kristn Aytona mens-prada_bw

“Men’s Pradas”


Kristn Aytona corkscrew_small



Kristn Aytona case-of-the-mondays-2_small

“Case Of The Mondays 2”


Kristn Aytona addicted_small



Kristn Aytona intrepid -1_small

“The Intrepid 1”


Kristn Aytona intrepid-2_small

“The Intrepid 2”

All imagery © Kristin Aytona


A special thanks to the lovely model, Manuela Rana, who is always up for my last minute ideas.

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