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Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

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85 years ago today, on July 28, 1929, Jacqueline Lee (Bouvier) was born.  “Jackie” is well-known as arguably one of the biggest style icons ever and indefinitely known as her role as First Lady of the United States, wife and widow to the late John F. Kennedy.  She is without a doubt admired by many still to date, and (this is probably the first time I am putting this in writing although not surprising) I too have a mild obsession with her.  I remember exactly where I was sitting, what I was doing, and who I was with the first time I heard she had passed.  As I’m sure many remember the day her husband, while serving as the President of the United States, passed.  Over the years I have quietly tucked away tears, swipe, and photos of Jackie (again, I know I am not alone).  And in honor of her birthday, I want to share some, although most are not scanned, so I am resorting to the trusty internet.  (It’s been a long Monday.)  I also found a fun article with great images and list of “12 Unforgettable Style Lessons From Jackie Kennedy” (via Huffington Post – thank you Huffington!)  Scroll all the way to the bottom to view.

Photo taken 12 August 1934 in the Americ

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Toni Frissell

© Toni Frissell (On her wedding day to John F. Kennedy )

Robert Knudsen

© Robert Knudsen


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Kennedy Family

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Victor Hugo King

© Victor Hugo King

Jaqueline Kennedy and Duchess of Alba

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jackie and baby

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Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy

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Cecil W. Stoughton

© Cecil W. Stoughton

french minister of culture Andre Malraux with his wife Madeleine received at the White House in Washington by american vice-president Lyndon Johnson and americain president John Kennedy and his wife Jackie, may 11, 1962 (Jackie wearing dress by creator Du

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Jacqueline Bouvier (future Jackie Kennedy) and her sister Caroline Lee Bouvier (Lee Radziwill) in Venice, 1951

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Jacqueline Kennedy

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JFK Sailing

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Photo taken in 1966 of Jackie Kennedy wi

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SP11 Home Sleepwear Scan018

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To read the entire list of 12 Unforgettable Style Lessons From Jackie Kennedy click here.