la romana

“Prince” By Manuela Rana


Last week I posted this (AMAZING!) pic on instagram in honor of “National Nude Day” (yes, that’s a real holiday, I can’t make this stuff up).  I begged my friend Manuela Rana, who happens to be the photog behind this gorgeous shot, to send me more pics…which I am so happy to be able to share with you!


These flicks — taken in La Romana, Dominican Republic — feature Prince Riley, a dance choreographer who has been in music videos for John Legend, Jazmine Sullivan, and Fergie to name a few and has graced the stage with artists like Rihanna and Thalia.




These colors are gorgeous.  Wishing I could go back to the Dominican Republic right about now.


Above images courtesy © Manuela Rana


The above image, courtesy © Dilia Jelen, is of Manuela and Prince taking a break during their recent volunteer trip with Arteamor & The Orphaned Starfish Foundation.  Both INCREDIBLE organizations are dedicated to changing the lives of children by either helping them develop vocational skills or providing quality arts workshops.  Manuela and Prince spent time teaching their craft to a wonderful group of children in La Romana.  If you are interested in volunteering check out the Arteamor Teaching Artist Application and How To Become a Starfish Advocate.

If I have anything to do with it, you’ll be seeing A LOT more of Insolita Manu (as we like to call her).  I promised not to say too much, but Manuela is also working on an exhibition, which I may or may not be helping her art direct 😉  Aside from being a freelance NYC Photographer (by way of Italy), assisting the well respected Antoine Verglas, and volunteering for Arteamor & The Orphaned Starfish Foundation, she is also the Creative Director and Photographer for Feminine Weapon, an incredible community that is beyond worth watching, supporting, and being a part of!!  And most of all, she is a creative spirit who embodies the best balance of laser focus drive and carefree energy.  An infectious combination.  Oh, and she’s fluent in like 4 different languages……..just sayin.