How Was Yours?

My weekend: Colorful eyecandy everywhere!

Kristin Aytona Ice 1_small

Kristin Aytona Hotter Than You Pink_small

Kristin Aytona Liquid 2_small

Kristin Aytona Have Another_small

Kristin Aytona Liquid 3_small

Kristin Aytona Bow_small

Kristin Aytona Rainbow_small

Kristin Aytona Water Balloons_small

Kristin Aytona Put A Fork In It_small

Kristin Aytona Put A Fork In It 2_small

Kristin Aytona Dog's Eye View_small

Kristin Aytona Overview_small

Kristin Aytona Splish Splash_small

Kristin Aytona Billion Bubbles 2_small

Kristin Aytona Bubble Bubble_small

Kristin Aytona Water Ballon Bubble Time_small

Kristin Aytona Popped 2_small

Kristin Aytona Popped_small

How was yours?…


All imagery © Kristin Aytona



#MakeItGraphic | Series 4 – The Ghost Ninja

Hello, hello.  Happy to be back with another #MakeItGraphic Series:  the G H O S T  N I N J A.  Lol.

So both Skyler and I are the proud mommas of our pups;  “Ghost,” Skyler’s super intelligent and strikingly beautiful Australian Shepherd, and “Ninja,” my pint-sized Morkie mix with big brown eyes and an even bigger personality.  There’s a funny connotation when you mix their 2 names together so we went with that theme.  I love the color palette & textures of Skyler’s images. Creepy in the most beautiful way, just like I like it!


Skyler’s GHOST:

“we couldn’t get into the cemetery / it was up a pretty steep hill and we are pretty sure it was in someones yard – who probably owns a gun.

so holy ghost is walking on water, like freak show.”







© Skyler Curden



I woke up one morning with Ninja poised up on my chest, staring with intense laser focused silence.  Adorable but creepy when you’re just opening your eyes for the day.  So I went with that — the adorable creep Ninja who appears in and out like a ghost. Please note, my dog is my favorite thing on earth. He can creep all he wants 🙂

I could’ve stayed up all night making gifs of my dog, but alas…the work day beckons.  Enjoy.

Kristin Aytona Ninja-1_small

In and out like a Ghost Ninja.


Kristin Aytona Ninja-2

Ninja likes to play and be all up in your face, literally.  So when the apartment goes silent, it makes me wonder what he’s up to.  I’ll turn around and see this little face staring at me.  Laser focus.


Kristin Aytona Ninja-3

What I wake up to in the morning, hovering.


© Kristin Aytona


Stay tuned for #MakeItGraphic | Series 5 – Eye See You…Coming soon…


Poolside 8

Nothing says summertime like laying by the poolside with not a care in the world.  Throw in some good cocktails, even better company, and bright colorful floaties, and it’s like being kid in a candy store…

So after a few long (BUT FUN!) days of working in the heat on a special photoshoot project, I had to take a minute to kick back and relax. But I still couldn’t resist grabbing my camera and capturing a few snapshots to remember that little slice of heaven I like to call “Poolside”…why not, right??!  Seriously, why can’t every day be like this???

Poolside 1

Poolside 7

Poolside 4

Poolside 10

Poolside 9

Poolside 2